Harvest Batch | Salt Spray

Harvest Batch | Salt Spray

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Ever look at your flat winter hair and dream of your beachy summer locks? Yea, we do too. 

That's why we formulated our latest harvest-batch, a sea salt spray! Handcrafted from the biggest stockpile of salt around...the OCEAN! That's right, we harvested the salt ourselves from the waters of Penobscot Bay and processed it on island. We went out in the cold, blustery Maine winter for YOU. And honestly, for us. And we are obsessed with this one. Blended with aloe vera and argan oil for healthy hair, just a few spritzes for instant tousled waves. Good for any hair type. 


Application: Apply to damp hair. We do not recommend applying salt spray to dry hair. Spritz generously from the roots to mid-length, avoiding the ends. Give 'em a good scrunch with your hands, a few twists and continue to alternately spray and scrunch to your liking. Allow to air dry. Learn more about our Salt Spray in our IA Journal.

Full Ingredients List: North Haven Island Sea Salt, Distilled Water, Aloe Vera Liquid, Argan Oil, *Rosemary, *Ylang Ylang.



Maine Sea Salt - Harvested and processed on island, this salt is as local as it gets. Salt reacts with the keratin in your hair to define your natural curls.

Distilled Water - Because it is devoid of any harsh chemicals, distilled water will not have any negative effects on your hair. In fact, it is primo for reducing frizz and retaining healthy natural oils! It's like regular water...but better.

Aloe Vera Liquid - Aloe Vera is best known for helping with sunburn, but we use it because of its wonderful moisturizing properties and vitamin makeup. Aloe Vera deep cleans oily hair and promotes healthy cell growth. It’s got a great rep for a reason.

Argan Oil - The usage of argan oil, which is derived from the kernel of argan trees in Morocco, is one of the most exciting finds in the history of skincare in our humble opinion. Women have been using it since antiquity and its longevity has proved its worth. Rich in minerals and vitamins, argan oil is touted for its magical ability to hydrate, soften, and increase shine in all hair types.

Ylang Ylang - This spicy and floral aroma balances your mood and calms your mind, an ideal scent to start and end your day with. Ylang ylang is known for being able help with insomnia and depression.

Rosemary - For centuries, women have turned to this little garden herb for hair help. Rosemary is used in rinses and shampoo to stimulate hair growth, increase shine and relieve dry flaky skin. Not too bad with a roast chicken either.

Bergamot - Tea drinkers might recognize this scent since it’s used in cups of Earl Grey. A harmonious blend of floral and citrus notes, Bergamot helps balance the psyche and can aid in anxiety, nerves and depression.


2 oz amber glass spray bottle.

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