The Secret to a Superstar Salt Spray?

The Secret to a Superstar Salt Spray?

Picture this. It’s 80 degrees, mid-August. You just jumped into the ocean off the coast of Maine. Your salty hair is drying into perfect waves as you lay on a sun-baked rock. You feel refreshed, completely sexy in your own skin and totally relaxed. Ah.

Now, we can’t capture that entire perfect day in a bottle but we can get pretty darn close. To find you that mermaid-level confidence, we went straight to the source. The ocean! Our harvest-batch Salt Spray is made from real sea salt collected from Penobscot Bay, Maine and processed entirely on island by our hands.

Maine Sea Salt Spray for Curly Hair | Island Apothecary

What Does Sea Salt Spray Do?

It’s pretty simple. The sea salt dehydrates the water in your hair after you swim or take a shower to twist and curl your locks for effortless waves. It’s an almost instant hair transformation and it's so easy! Plus, it is a 100% natural addition to your beauty regiment.

How to Use Sea Salt Spray:

Step One: Damp It
Take a shower, put your hair under the sink. Whatever form it takes, it is important to use a sea salt spray on damp hair. If you use this product on dry hair, it could damage your beautiful locks by stripping away natural oils.

Step Two: Spritz It 
Comb through your hair. Give the bottle a good shake, then spritz away! We recommend spraying from your roots to mid-length, avoiding your ends. Experiment with how much spray works for your hair type. 

Step Three: Scrunch It
Twist and scrunch your hair in small bunches from the ends up, focusing on your natural wave definition. The more you scrunch, the wavier it gets. Give your roots a little tousle for extra volume. Alternate between spraying and scrunching until you see the look you want.

You’re done! Allow your new ocean inspired do to air dry as it would on a sunny beach in Maine. 

Pro Tips

Mix with conditioner
Salt spray can be drying. Combine with your favorite leave in conditioner or hair serum (our Rose Serum is a good choice) to avoid a crispy, crunchy texture. Don’t fret too much, our Sea Salt Spray is blended with organic Argan Oil and Aloe Vera liquid to counteract excessive stripping of moisture. 

Don’t towel dry
It’s a good idea not to towel dry your hair…like ever! Rubbing a towel on your head causes frizz and breakage. Opt for a soft cotton T-shirt instead. 

Try our Salt Spray and let us know what you think!

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