About Us

About Island Apothecary

Island Apothecary is based on an island twelve miles off the Maine coast. We’re a lobstering community with only 400 residents that live out here year round. Chances are your bottle has been on a ferry boat before it arrived to your home, which is pretty cool.

Every single bottle we ship is crafted in small batches by hand. There’s no industrial machines or giant vats of product being processed. We create simple skin solutions from all-natural ingredients using only organic and naturally derived materials.

Life is complicated enough so we strive to make simple and effective products to help streamline your life.

A Note from Our Founder, Laura 

I grew up using a lot of products that weren’t good for my skin. I couldn’t figure out why all these astringents and acne-free cleansers promising me clear and beautiful skin weren’t working.  I wasn’t too keen about the ingredients list in most of them either. I had no idea what sodium lauryl sulfate was, but I assumed that if it was on the labels of well-known products, it had to be safe to use.

After years of failed attempts at a clear complexion, I took it upon myself to get educated. I started using Argan Oil as both a cleanser and a moisturizer. Within two weeks of using it to replace other products, my skin completely transformed.  

(Learn more about why oil fights oil here.)

And the love affair spiraled out of control from there. I started using oils as a cleanser and moisturizer. I began educating myself about how certain essential oils can transform your skin, but also your spirit.

Many organic and natural skincare lines use a lot of lingo the average customer might not know. But we’re all about transparency here. If I use a fancy schmancy word that you don’t understand, call me out on it.

(If you do want to get more educated about organic skin lingo, check out our “What’s That?” section right here.)

Natural skincare solutions don’t need to be highbrow. And they don’t need to be super expensive. Every product you try from Island Apothecary is crafted with integrity and only the finest ingredients available.

I want to know exactly what I’m putting on my body and I want that for you too.