• Maine-Made

    Every bottle from us has been mixed, bottled and shipped right from our island home. And every order comes with a handwritten note because we are grateful for the support you give our women-run business here in Maine.

  • Women Owned and Run

    Since our founding in 2016, Island Apothecary has been dedicated to uplifting women. Our tight-knit community on socials support eachother as we ride along our radical self-love journey.

  • Plant-Based Skincare

    No parabens, no sulfates, no fancy schmancy words you can't pronounce. We want to know what we're putting on our body and we want that for you too. Email us if you have any ingredient questions!

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Meet the Maker

My purpose in making skincare is to help you find moments of quiet to engage in pure radical self-love. Take every chance you can get to look lovingly at your reflection. Our products are completely plant-based. No chemicals you can't pronounce. And I want you to know that behind every product is a real person, from mixing and shipping to responding to emails. If you're ever unsatisfied, you can always contact me at fiona@islandapothecary.com. Thanks for your support! Lots of LOVE. xx, Fiona

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