Self-Care Season

Self-Care Season

Settle in with a warm bath
and your favorite oil.

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Made in Maine by hand. Skincare for all by Island Apothecary, Maine
Plant based skincare is green, organic and made with love. Island Apothecary, Maine
Sulfate and Paraben Free Skincare. Serums, Cleansers, Makeup and Body Oil made with clean plant based ingredients | Island Apothecary, Maine
Island Apothecary is women owned and operated on an island in Maine. Organic skincare for all ages and skin types.


Clean & Hydrated!

This is my first time using an oil-based cleanser and I am sold. My sensitive skin feels softer and I’ve had far less irritation and redness. The scents of these products are heavenly, and I’ve since added the night duo and the everyday oil moisturizer to my skincare routine. Love, love, love.

Biddies are the best.

Ruth is my go-to for a little pop of color and a great moisturizer. Ruth is also great for those moments when you're running behind or don't want to do a full make up routine, just dab a little on your cheeks, eye lids, and lips, blend and you're out the door!

The best moisturizer. Magic potion.

I don't even know how many bottle of this I've gone through. I love it and using it at night leaves my skin soft and moisturized in the morning. It doesn't leave your skin greasy either. I think it's magic.

Heaven in a bottle.

Less than a week after I began using Island Apothecary's Rose Serum on my face, a friend asked me, "What are you using on your skin? You look wonderful!" Now this rose serum is my favorite face product- velvety smooth, gently fragrant, and luxuriously soothing.

Casey C. Everyday Oil Cleanser
Jenny V. Biddy Balm
Bonnie D. Floral Body Oil
Doe B. Rose Serum

Oil Based Skincare. Why oil cleansing is your new best friend.

Oil on my FACE?!

The answer is YES. Oils are your skin's BFF.

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Meet the Maker

Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm Fiona. My purpose in making skincare is to help you find moments of quiet to engage in pure radical self-love. Take every chance you can get to look lovingly at your reflection! Our products are completely plant-based. No chemicals you can't pronounce. And I want you to know that behind every product is a real person, from mixing and shipping to responding to emails. If you're ever unsatisfied, you can contact me at Thanks for your support! Lots of LOVE. xx

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