Island Apothecary has a new owner and maker!


Hi everybody, Fiona here.

It's a new year and we've got some big changes happening at the company. But before I get into that, a quick IA story.

Laura founded this company five years ago when she started by making products for her own skin. She shared her concoctions with her friends and family. They were a hit. Naturally she began sharing her serums and cleansers with the world and Island Apothecary grew from there. Cut to two years later: Laura was struggling to balance a full-time job, a six-month old baby, and a small but growing business. She needed help and found me. 

I had just moved back to the island after spending a couple of years in Portland exploring all the offerings of "city life". Laura and I were close to strangers when she hired me on as her first employee. From the start, we were a wonderful team. I learned the recipes, made the products, shipped orders, took over Instagram and got caught up in the ins and outs of online marketing - the works. Laura became not only a generous friend to me but a mentor as well. She shared a volume's worth of life advice with me in our time working together, covering all the topics from relationships to finances. 

During the pandemic, Laura found out that she was pregnant with her second child. With this news, came a lot of reflection. She thought about the future of the company, weighing what she wanted it to become with what she was able to put into it and it was clear that she did not have the time nor the energy to nurture the business to its full extent. The decision was made. Laura approached me this summer and asked me if I was interested in taking over Island Apothecary. After serious consideration, I answered with a BIG YES. Now I am thrilled to announce that...

I am officially the new owner and chief operator of Island Apothecary!

I feel so honored to be the one to carry the torch. I am dedicated to continue hand-crafting the highest quality skincare at affordable prices, expanding my skill sets to benefit Island Apothecary and most importantly, in my opinion, I will continue holding space for our incredible community to connect. Together, Laura and I have been able to build something that has been really important to both of us. We just couldn't be more grateful for all of you. Laura is looking forward to starting her next chapter and so am I.

Thank you so much for the continued love and support. I'm sending it right back to you! 

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Anthony gifted me your three piece face routine and I LOVE it! I’ve taken to using the everyday cleanser on my body and in my hair to tame the curls so I thought I’d try the actual body oil:) I love what you are doing and wish you all all all the best. Love~Anthony’s mama.


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