Our Maker

Meet Fiona | Island Apothecary

Hello, hello!

I'm Fi and I am the owner and maker of Island Apothecary. I worked with Laura for years before getting the ultimate promotion - running the whole darn thing!

When I am not mixing and smelling oils while listening to Armchair Expert, I am playing guitar and yelling about the patriarchy in my riot grrrl band, Bait Bag. I guess you could say I am a little bit country and ah...okay, you know the rest.

I would be lying if I said I saw myself here - living on an island in Maine making organic serums. When I first came to this island, it opened up a whole unimaginable world for me. A world that I am inspired by daily. I'm motivated to collect the beauty of this place and share it with all of you- whether it's in the form of a song or a brushstroke in a watercolor painting or the smell of a body oil.

I discovered the benefits of oil-based skincare in my early twenties (thanks to Laura!) and I've never looked back. My skin has experienced a serious glow-up and I hope yours will too. I am always eager to guide others onto the oil train and help them bring out the best in their skin! (What's the deal with oil cleansing??)

Hit me up if you have any questions, truisms or things you're excited about fiona@islandapothecary.com