Spring Forward

Spring Forward

Spring has finally sprung on North Haven, the grass is green and covering up the mud that had imprints of every shoe I wore this past few months. Lately my rain boots have been more used. 

While the weather is getting ready for the turning seasons, it is also time for me to do the same. Here are a few things I do to prepare for the shift and how I plan to spring forward.

1. Paint my Nails
I suffer from incredibly dry cracking bleeding skin in the winter months on my hands and knuckles. I spend the winter using every inch of my Cutie Cream and tubs and tubes of heavy hand cream and Aquaphor. But once the sun starts to shine and the weather warms up I can finally spruce up my nails. I love many colors and painting them myself or treating myself to a little manicure on the mainland. Currently I have my left pinkie and ring a medium green shade and middle, pointe, and  thumb in a teal blue shade. While my right hand pinkie and ring are neon orange and the middle, pointer, and thumb are hot pink. 

2. Updating my Breakfast 
I have loved my fried eggs and toast for breakfast and bowls of oatmeal these past few months. But now that it’s not dark gray and cold each day I love to swap my warmer meals with soft boiled eggs with salt and pepper and sesame oil, or yogurt and smoothies, or a sweeter choice of toaster waffles. 

3. Clean my Closet
Spring cleaning is tedious and long and never ending piles. And then the hemming and hawing of 'to keep or not to keep.' However, at the end it feels good to say goodbye to the shrunken sweater, or sweat stained tee shirts. I also love the hand-me-down friend swap. I love receiving an assortment of black trash bags or tearing paper bags filled with clothes. I also love to watch my friends sort and make piles that I then get to see them wear. 

4. Iced Beverages 
I mean do I really stop drinking iced coffee in the winter, no, but I am more prone to drink iced tea rather than brewing hot tea after work. It's nice to take my favorite hot tea and brew them to save for later. 

5. Walking Home for Lunch 
It’s much easier to pack a lunch and sit at my desk and eat when it’s raining or snowing and don’t have to wrap a scarf around my wool hat and gloves. But now fortunately it's warm at noon and the sunlight walking five minutes down the road to my house has been such a nice time to take a physical break from the office and get some vitamin D. 

6. New Playlist
Helloooo new Taylor Swift! Plus springtime seems to be the time when new music is released and live music is increasing. I love being on the lookout for new music and artists and a playlist to blast as I clean my closet, make dinner or do a drive around the island.

Some music I’ve been listening to are:

I Can Do It With a Broken Heart - Taylor Swift

Espresso - Sabrina Carpenter

Good Luck, Babe! - Chappell Roan

Never Need Me - Rachel Chinouriri

Asc. Scorpio - Oracle Sister

Never - Ending Summer - Wes Reeve

7. Waking up Early
So often the dark and cold mornings have really hindered my ability to wake up fully and get the energy to run to the bathroom and start my day. However, April has really blossomed my morning person self - slower mornings, doing some household chores and enjoying a slower breakfast (boiled egg!) and actually getting to work on time or even early! 

Every routine needs a spring refresh every now and again. What are yours?


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