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Earth Body Oil

Earth Body Oil

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Our first limited-edition Biddy Batch is officially part of the line!

I came up with Earth Body Oil while tinkering in the studio one day. I was craving a scent that could blend well with my Rose Serum but was herbaceous and musky with floral underneath. I began mixing some of my favorite essential oils and within an hour, I had created my new favorite scent. It was a little bit of magic.

4 oz. glass dispenser

Application: Apply generously to skin after bathing. Or apply whenever you damn well feel like it. 


Ingredients: Hempseed Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oil, German Chamomile Essential Oil, Clary Sage, Lavender Essential Oil, Marjoram Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil.

More About The Benefits of our Ingredients:

*Hempseed Oil - Unlike our Floral Body Oil, the base of this body oil is hempseed. Hempseed is not to be confused with CBD. This oil comes cold-pressed from hempseed but contains no cannabinoids. But it is a powerful moisturizer and contains GLA which is known to help with symptoms of PMS or menopause.

*Sandalwood Essential Oil - Steam distilled from wild grown sandalwood in Australia, this essential oil has a sweet yet woodsy aroma.

*German Chamomile Essential Oil - Known to have mildly sedative properties, I love the calming affect this oil adds to the overall formula. It also helps reduce inflammation and calm redness and irritation on the skin.

*Clary Sage Essential Oil - For some this scent is considered an aphrodisiac, but it's also an excellent sweet-herby scent that women use to help appease symptoms of PMS!

*Lavender Essential Oil - Steam distilled from a lavender farm in France, our organic essential oil smells like a dream but does double duty with its natural healing properties for the skin.

*Marjoram Essential Oil - Such a beautiful scent and also good for the soul. Marjoram has the ability to calm the mind and both strengthen and relax as it tones and circulates Qi in Oriental medicine. It is especially helpful in conditions where tiredness alternates with tension.

*Vitamin E Oil - An incredible antioxidant that helps protect your skin, ours comes from the vegetable fats of non-GMO soy resources in Spain.


4 oz. dropper bottle

Care information

Rinse, remove label, and recycle or reuse.

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