Bad Ass Biddy: The Back Story

Bad Ass Biddy: The Back Story

Meet Claire, cofounder of Fox Island Printworks, a business based on the same island as us.

Claire is the epitome of a bad ass biddy. She started her own business on island. She's the first person my husband calls when he needs rope cut out of his wheel. She's amazing at mackerel fishing and at being towed on a surfboard behind a lobster boat. 

I've always loved the term "biddy". By definition, a biddy is "a woman, usually elderly, that's regarded as annoying". The funny thing is, I can't think of the equivalent term for an elderly, annoying man, so it's time to take back the name! 

We've used the term #badassbiddy for awhile now here at IA and when Claire and I discussed doing a collaboration together, she said, "We have to do bad ass biddy tees!" 

So without further ado, we give you our Bad Ass Biddy Tee and Tank. This collaboration is very limited so stock up for all the bad ass biddies in your life. 

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