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Bad Ass Biddy Tee

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A collaboration with Fox Island Printworks

Are you a bad ass biddy? We believe that now more than ever women need to take charge of their badassery and fight for what they believe in. Here are some signs you might be a bad ass biddy (though this is just a list of suggestions and chances are if you are a bad ass biddy, you already know it, girl.)

You believe that women are in charge of their own bodies
You're the first to bring a bottle of rose to a friends house when they've had a bad day
You enjoy chopping and stacking your own wood
You look in the mirror and tell yourself, "Dang. I look good."
You stand in opposition against any race, sex or gender being discriminated against
You run your own business or household like a boss
You understand the importance of good friends and female camaraderie
You know that you're a bonafide bad ass and want the t-shirt to prove it

Tee is screen printed and designed right here on North Haven Island in collaboration with Fox Island Printworks. Printed on 100% cotton Alternative Apparel tee. Check out our tank version here