The Beauty Benefits of Rose Essential Oil (And Why We Use It)

The Beauty Benefits of Rose Essential Oil (And Why We Use It)

Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil has been used in beauty for generations. And for good reason. This potent essential oil is beneficial to mature skin, dry skin and sensitive skin too, not to mention a great oil to use for combination skin types.

Our Rose Serum uses rosa damascena which is a type of Bulgarian rose. Thousands and thousands of petals are distilled to create just a single ounce. No wonder many rose products can be pricey!

Now that you know the backstory, here's all the reasons why rose essential oil is a key ingredient to add to your skincare routine.

It's Emollient!
Dry skin sufferers rejoice! Rose EO has skin barrier reinforcing properties which means it helps keep moisture in.

It's Antiseptic!
The naturally astringent properties of rose helps combat acne. It can naturally combat the oils that lead to breakouts.

It's Anti-inflammatory!
I know, I know. The list just keeps growing. Rose can help keep inflamed skin at bay and also help regenerate skin tissue to help reduce redness and fine lines. 

It Heals Scars!
Due to the strong antioxidant properties, roses are a wonderful way to help heal scars over time. This is ideal if you're trying to help lessen acne scars or any other surface skin scars.

It Helps With Depression!
Multiple studies have cited that the aromatherapy benefits of rose essential oil actually helps relieve stress and in many cases, depression. Not only are you bringing benefits to your skin, but to your psyche as well.

We use the best rose essential oil direct from Bulgaria in our award-winning Rose Serum. There's a lot of questions concerning the products we put on our face, but you can feel safe and glad that you've chosen our serum to help fight fine lines, acne and elevate your mood.

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