Rose Hip Seed Oil and the Benefits of the Rose Fragrance

Rose Hip Seed Oil and the Benefits of the Rose Fragrance

Rose Hip Seed Oil (Rosa rubiginosa) 
Found in Rose Serum and Sundown Serum

Stop and Smell the Flowers 
It’s almost Valentine's Day. Chocolate and kitsch may not be your thing, but we’re popping in to remind you to stop and smell the roses both metaphorically and literally. Rose aroma is known to increase arousal and mood...wink wink. 

Today we’re talking about the power of smell. 

Our olfactory system, which is your sense of smell, is directly connected to our brain. Receptors in our nasal cavities transmit information to our limbic system - sometimes called the “emotional brain.” That means, when you smell specific scents, it has real deal effects on not only your mind but on your on your body, reducing anxiety, depression. Isn't nature amazing?

Jam, Tea, and Love Potions 
Aesthetic, edible, and medicinal. Roses are found in the folklore and historical medicine cabinets of Egyptian, Hindu, Cherokee, Greek and Roman cultures. Roses have been seen symbol of love and friendship or a protective talisman to keep negativity away while you sleep. Whatever flower power you abide in, roses have a universal charisma in their distinct aroma. 

Science! Let's Get into Geraniols.
Rose Hip Seed Oil is composed of upwards of 300 compounds! That's a lot of chemistry. One of those compounds is the geraniol terpene. Geraniol is responsible for the distinct floral, rose scent (tea, myrrh, fruit, and musk) Linked to relaxation and romance, clinical studies reveal that geraniol can stimulate dopamine. Which is why roses are linked to getting in the mood! 

Terpenes, not just for stoners!
Think of them as smell compounds, terpenes are responsible for why an essential oil has a unique scent and biological interactions. Think of it as a scent fingerprint. For example, terpinen-4-ol is responsible for the tea tree scent and its antibacterial properties. Often discussed by cannabis smokers, terpenes are responsible for the way different strains taste and affect the high. Just remember kids, terpenes aren’t just for stoners. If you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, that's terpenes in action! 

Why Rose Hip Seed Oil? 
At Island Apothecary, we enjoy Rose Hip Seed Oil for its topical and olfactory benefits. When you inhale, scent molecules travel to the brain’s amygdala - the emotion center. Which is where you get your favorite scents from.

For those who like the smell of rose, they may achieve a sense of calm and uplift from its scent. Rose scent can give us a sense of delicacy, sexiness, and peaceful beauty. 

Topical Benefits and Beyond 
Rose Hip Seed Oil is going to do a lot of the dreamy things we love in a facial product. Antioxidants and vitamins A,C, E: brightens and evens the skin tone, heals acne and scarring. Fatty acids and geraniol promote cellular turnover for anti-aging affect. Other benefits include but are not limited to: 

Ease of depression and anxiety 
Antibacterial & antifungal 
PMS relief 

So open up a bottle of Rose Serum or Rose Body Oil and let that calming rose aroma waft over you as you slather it on. Happy Valentine's Day!

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