My 6 Favorite Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

My 6 Favorite Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

I always wanted to be a winter person. I don't ski or particularly love the snow. But since I live in Maine, it's a reality of life for five months every year. 

Here are my foolproof strategies for making it through the cold, dreary days in one piece!

1. Get Inside Work Done
I love warm weather so as soon as a sunny day hits, I don't want to spend any time indoors. Instead, I put together a massive to do list of things I can finish during the winter months. Whether it's organizing a closet or digging through clutter in your basement, it's a great way to keep your mind busy and your summer to-do's short.

2. Host Frequent Dinner Parties
Invite friends over for a weekly potluck to keep your spirits high. There's nothing that gets me out of a funk faster than good food and laughs.

3. Read Books
Not magazines, not blogs, not email. But a real book. I've been plugging away at some fiction books this winter and though I tend to read a lot year-round, winters tucked at home are a great excuse to catch up on the latest must-reads on your list.

4. Do Ridiculous YouTube Exercise Videos
I am much less active in the winter months which can lead to a lack of endorphins coursing through my body. I take advantage of jumping around by doing a 30-minute YouTube video. The sillier the better. A current favorite is this one. You won't be disappointed. 

5. Lather Your Body in Oil
Alright, I know, easy for me to say! But I love taking a warm shower and then just moisturizing myself top to bottom with our Floral Body Oil, slipping into some cotton pajamas and socks and pouring myself a glass of wine. It's called heaven and it is a place on earth.

6. Plan a Vacation
Does this count as cheating? No matter. I love having something to look forward to. Even if a vacation isn't in your budget, plan a weekend to visit friends or invite people to your place for a staycation. Something to look forward to is essential for me in the winter. Though a tropical island does really do the trick.

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