How To Throw a Slumber Party as an Adult

How To Throw a Slumber Party as an Adult

Adulting is hard. It’s not all what I thought it would be when I was a kid, though I do eat ice cream whenever I want, which the five year-old me is stoked about.

One thing I didn’t expect was how difficult it would be to make friends. Not just hi-bye friends, but stay-up-all-night-giggling friends like I have from college and grade school. Having female friends is crucial for most women. Studies show that when women spend time with their girlfriends, it literally counteracts their daily stress.

But the struggle is real for us here on North Haven island. The off-season population is 384, the population of women in their 20’s on the other hand is probably around 15.

With that being said, my friends have already been picked out for me….right? Kind of! Having a smaller pool of potential besties definitely makes it easier but it still takes work! And sometimes it takes crafting a space that fosters connections. That’s why after a long busy summer of hustling from one thing to the next, I was craving some serious estrogen in my life, so I threw a slumber party (without the sleepover part). Here’s how it went down:

Step One: Set the Scene
I got into my PJs and slippers, dragged an extra futon into the living room and grabbed all the pillows and comfy blankets I could find. I set out a tea station, then a wine station (obvs!) and put out snacks. I turned down the lights and lit incense. Cue the guests!

Step Two: Swap Books
In anticipation for the cold dark winter, I asked everyone to bring some books they would be willing to part with temporarily. This way, we don’t have to spend money on new books and we can compare notes later on about what we read. (Book club, anyone?)

Step Three: Get Masking + Painting
There’s nothin like a little self care with your friends. We giggled over how silly the face masks looked and gave suggestions on what colors to paint our nails. Oh and it always helps to invite a professional hair and nail stylist!

Step Four: Goal Setting
Something I love to do with my friends is talk about our goals for the future, whether they’re creative, personal or career-based. It’s the perfect combination of vulnerability and support. We all shared what our winter dreams are, talked about our lives and helped each other set goals for the upcoming months.

Step Five: Games
Once our faces were fresh, our nails dry and our futures planned, I pulled out the Bop-It Xtreme, which you may only remember if you were born between 1984-1994. More giggling ensued along with 90’s babies nostalgia. And then the night was over.

What are your favorite slumber party activities I can use for the next one? Let me know in the comments!

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