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Goat Poop, Women Co-ops and More Facts You Didn't Know about Argan Oil

Part of our mission at Island Apothecary is to create our products with transparency, meaning we want you to know what’s in your bottle. Each bottle from us includes high-quality organic oils that are safe and beneficial for your skin. This week we’re going to dive into Argan Oil and get to know it a little better.

Some of our products that use the amazing Argan Oil: 
Rose Serum
Sundown Serum
Beard Oil

Here are 5 reasons why Argan Oil is basically the #badassbiddy of oils...

Goats Love it
The Argan tree is native to the Southwest Moroccan desert. Kernels are removed from the nut to be ground and pressed by hand. It’s a seriously labor intensive process. Traditionally, Argan harvesters picked the kernels out from goat poop to get this job done. Goats love to climb all over the trees and eat the fruit, unknowingly doing the job of peeling the nut in the process! Who knew a goat’s rear end benefited the beauty business
Women-Run Cooperatives Make It
Hand-picking kernels from goat turds proved to be too time consuming. Now, it’s typically local Berber women who process the oil manually using stones to break open the nut to collect the oil-rich seed. According to Vice, starting in the 1990’s all-female Argan oil cooperatives revolutionized the industry by paying women fair wages for their work. Now, there are dozens of these cooperatives in Morocco and the development of these structures are an important source of income for local families.

It’s ‘Liquid Gold’
It’s the next best thing to putting actual gold onto your face (we don’t recommend actually doing that). Argan oil is chock full of omegas and vitamins!  Vitamin E reduces scarring, be it acne related, burns, or stretch marks. Plus it’s packed with Vitamin A which encourages cell production. New cells = younger skin. Ya dig?

Healing Powers
Argan contains antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation and heal damaged skin cells. Because of these super powers, Argan oil works great to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, give your skin a healthy glow and restore elasticity.

Not just for skin!
At Island Apothecary, we LOVE when a product has multiple uses. Argan oil is just that. It’s not just for your skin! Use Argan oil on your hair to tame frizziness, treat split ends and overall silken and soften your locks. Rub a few drops into your palm and finger-comb through dry hair. (Peep this blog post about our many, many uses of our Rose Serum to get inspired.)
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