Dry Brush Your Way To Glowing Skin: A Few Tips On Doing It Right

Dry Brush Your Way To Glowing Skin: A Few Tips On Doing It Right

Dry brushing is not an instant fix to gloriously glowing skin! But the benefits abound. Think of dry brushing as giving yourself a massage and an exfoliating treatment all at once. 

We're masters of the dry brush craft so please heed our warnings and follow our best tips before you brush.

It should be noted that dry brushing is slightly harsh for your skin, especially as you start to do it. Be very gentle. There's no need to push down hard, but instead, lightly brush the bristles against your skin. It isn't uncommon to have red or peeling skin after the first few tries. Just make sure you're properly moisturizing afterwards and never dry brush more than twice a week.

For The Body

We recommend dry brushing before a shower on dry skin, but some folks like to do it after. To each his own!

If you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema or rosacea, I'd suggest you avoid dry brushing altogether. This is a method of exfoliation and it isn't a one-type-fits-all rule. 

Your skin will appear red after dry brushing, but that is normal. Be sure to moisturize with our Floral Body Oil or your moisturizer of choice afterwards.

For The Face

We personally don't recommend dry brushing your face with a dry brush. Then is this really dry brushing? I guess not. Let's call it damp brushing!

Your face's skin is much more sensitive than the skin at your knees, which is why we use face brushing as a gentle exfoliant. 

Start at the chin and use light upward strokes as you work your way to the hairline. 

Another option would be to apply your Everyday Cleanser and brush it in using a circular motion. 

It is possible that your face will be red or potentially even break out after dry brushing, but that should not last.

If you want an all-natural exfoliating option to help brighten your skin, using brushes are a great way to do so. Again, proceed with caution! Enjoy massaging and stimulating your skin! And be gentle on yourself, which is really a great mantra in and of itself.

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