Dear Valentine's Day

Dear Valentine's Day

A Valentine is a sweet way to tell the people you love that you love them, miss them, want to kiss them. But has anyone written a Valentine to the things you love, the places you love the feelings you love. Or to you Valentine’s Day, have you ever received a Valentine? 

To: Valentine’s Day 

From: Zoe

I love the moments you bring with you, the way I feel more giddy with my partner, the increase of letter writing and the desire to call and catch up with friends. I tend to reminisce about past dates, or the way I first started becoming friends with someone. How we used to tiptoe around our humor and try not to embarrass ourselves. I like to reflect on the past and Valentine’s day allows me to take all of those sappy moments and thank the person for those moments. Thank you for allowing the fear of vulnerability to be at ease while we host Galentine’s day, or help friends with breakups or cheer on the relationships that are forming and growing.   

To: Island Apothecary

From: Zoe

Roses are red, violets are blue, buy the Rose Body Oil and slather it on you.

To: My Mailbox

From: Zoe

I love that you hold messages that have been yet to read, the messages written from my friends. I am sorry you blew away in that storm a few weeks ago, and that the mail lady on the island says you are too short for her to reach from inside the car. Allie, Theo and I chatted, we will bring the pallet from the wood pile over and give you a boost. I also love checking in with you after a long day of work, to see if my Swedish candy arrived, or that package my dad just sent me. 

To: L.L Bean slippers

From: Zoe

I have missed you. I hope you are safe where you were last placed. I do not know where you are, either in Laurie and Henry’s pile of shoes by the front door or in a tote bag shoved in the back of my closet, or maybe in Theo’s room next to her painting supplies? Either way it has been too long since we’ve felt each other's warmth and I am dreaming of the day we are reunited. 

To: Screen time

From: Zoe

Each week I see our time together grow, sometimes our week is short and sweet and other times hours and hours we spend in each other arms, well more like hand and hand. Know that my time with you is intentional and special. 

To: Congregational coffee shop green mug

From: Zoe

After I brew the coffee I reach for you. Your rounded edges and square handle are so easy to hold and sip from. The pale green shade is easy on the eyes and unique to the normal cream shade most mugs come in. I’ve never been to Congregational coffee, but I like your logo. An alligator with a top hat. 

To: Online shopping for flights

From: Zoe

I don’t really have anywhere to go, but I think I like to think I am good at comparing prices. I do it when I have daydreams I can’t shake. How much is it from Bangor to New York? Can I fly from Maine to northeastern Pennsylvania? What is a good price to fly from Portland to San Francisco?  

You are always there for my and my wandering eyes -  the jet fuel to my fantasies. Maybe one day I’ll hit buy, and get a window seat, or a last row middle seat by the bathroom.

To: my purple highlighter 

From: Zoe

My friend had gifted you to me for my birthday one year. I used you for studying and journaling and various other projects. When I moved to North Haven you came with me. One day, your pale lilac purple lost its juicy flow. This Valentine is to honor the memory of you and to also give thanks to all of your hard work. You may be gone but your younger sister has taken your place. The purple is more lavender but just as vibrant. FIN.

Whomever you are in love with this Valentines day, remember to thank it and show gratitude for what you have and who you share it with. No matter how you look at it, Valentine’s day is a day of love, and we all have a list of little or large things that we love. Tell your friends, family, lover, favorite pair of shoes, best mug and more that you appreciate them and love the time you get to spend with them. Oh and don’t forget to tell yourself!!

From our studio to you, Happy Valentine’s day!

All my love,

Zoe :)

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