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Why Calendula Oil is a MUST-HAVE in your Medicine Cabinet

Benefits of Calendula Oil - Island Apothecary

Who would've guessed such a sweet flower could be a healing force of nature?! It's true. Calendula really is a magical medicinal plant. Edible, these flowers are chock-full of vitamin C making them stellar for an immuno-boost. And used topically, calendula has a whole host of benefits!

Here’s a couple reasons why we jumped at the chance to make a Calendula Oil from flowers grown right here on island: 

It’s Anti-Inflammatory!
Eczema, rosacea and breakouts are all symptoms of inflammation. And guess what? Yup. Calendula can help. Properties in calendula actually slow your body’s production of histamines, gently cooling redness and giving you a break from pain, allergies and general inflammation. 

It’s an Antioxidant!
Bear with me as I go brush up on my college chemistry...oxidation is essentially a fight over free electrons. It’s a completely normal biological process when the oxygen atoms in your body (say H20) split and become free radicals. This leaves atoms unbalanced and searching desperately for that extra electron. Free radicals sometimes steal electrons from healthy cells causing a breakdown of DNA which leads to sagging, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation. All this is to say that the antioxidants in calendula oil pair with those pesky free radicals before they can do damage to your healthy skin. Like a skin superhero!

It Softens and Soothes!
Yes, this oil also promotes collagen production (could it be any cooler??) leaving your skin supple and glowing. Calendula oil soothes and hydrates, making it a great option for those with sensitive, dry skin.

It Reduces Scarring!
The moral of this whole story is that calendula is a boss at preventing and repairing skin damage. Calendula oil speeds up the healing process for small cuts and blemishes by increasing blood flow to the affected area while the fatty acids and anti-histamines support growth of healthy new tissue. Whether it is acne scarring, sunburns, scrapes, insect bites or cracked nipples from breastfeeding, calendula is the go-to oil for healing. 

To top off my TED Talk on the healing powers of calendula, here is a verrrrry long list of all the ways you can use it topically! Enjoy!

Dry spots
Acne/acne scarring
Varicose veins
Sunburn + minor burns
Rashes *avoid any weepy rashes like poison ivy*
Muscle spasms
Menstrual cramps
Insect bites
Cracked Nipples from breastfeeding
Diaper rash
Chicken pox
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