Five Simple Ways to Use a Salt Scrub

Five Simple Ways to Use a Salt Scrub

As a Mainer, I know full well that winter is ROUGH on the skin and spirit. Having an invigorating sea salt scrub by your side will help usher you into the season. Salt scrubs exfoliate and hydrate dry skin, encourage healthy circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system. Added bonus - their calming essential oils offer some peace of mind. Here are a couple of easy ways you can use your salt scrub to pamper yourself:

1- Shower Power: Let your shower steam up, take a handful of salt scrub and rub onto damp skin in a circular motion. To encourage lymphatic drainage, start on your extremities and massage moving toward your heart. 

2- Soak It In: Put a tablespoon of salt scrub into your hot bath and let it dissolve. Then lower yourself in and relax. The detoxifying salts will do the heavy lifting while the essential oils cradle you to a far off cloud. 

3- Luscious Lips: Dab some on your finger and rub on your lips to remove any dry and dead skin. Finish off with our all-natural moisturizing Biddy Balm ;)

4- Sink Support: We're all washing our hands to the bone these days, stripping them of their natural oils. Keep a jar by your kitchen sink and reach for it mid dishwashing to slough off dead skin cells and restore moisture.

5- A Pedi-Cure: Did someone say foot soak?? Fill up whatever vessel you can find with warm water and a tablespoon of salt scrub. Let those tired dogs soak for 10 minutes. Then, use another handful of scrub to exfoliate any dead skin on your heals and toes. Wipe dry with a warm towel and paint your tootsies the color of the month!


* Salt Scrubs can be harsh so only use on damp or wet skin. And limit scrubbing to twice a week. 

* To lock in even more moisture, finish with a hydrating body oil or lotion. We recommend our Floral Body Oil or Earth Body Oil





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