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5 Steps To Getting Your Best Skin Ever

If you've always struggled to get great skin, it isn't out of reach. In fact, we think it comes down to five simple steps to help steer your skin in the right direction.

Step 1: Say So Long to Soap
Soap leaves behind an invisible film on your skin. Oil removes impurities, unblocks pores AND moisturizes your skin. Our Oil Cleanser is an actual godsend. 

5 Steps to Perfect Skin - Island Apothecary

Step 2: Stop Drinking Sugar
It's so hard to give up ALL OF THE THINGS so try removing the biggest offender from your diet - sugary drinks! Add some fruit to your water instead! Your skin will thank you!

Step 3: Use The RIGHT Toner
A lot of traditional toners are alcohol-based, which strips your skin and dries it out. Ick! Our Sunup Toner is made from premium witch hazel and aloe vera juice so it helps shrink pores but won't dry out your cute face.

Step 4: Incorporate a Serum Into Your Routine
We're not going to tell you to ditch your existing routine and switch over to all of our products. (But hey, if you want to, please do!) But if there's ONE investment you make going forward, being adding a serum to your face every morning and night.

Serums have condensed active ingredients in one small bottle so you're bringing necessary vitamins and antioxidants to your face in a potent little bottle. You can still use your face creams or cleansers with one. Just don't forget to layer products in order of heaviness: night creams go last. 

Learn more about why our Rose Serum has literally transformed the skin of our customers in just a few uses!

Step 5: Establish a Daily Routine
You won't ever know if a skin regime is working for you unless you keep t it. I always recommend trying a product for a minimum of two weeks to see how your skin changes. Not all changes happen overnight, so stick to a morning and evening routine that works for you and before you know it, that skin will glow.


Still doing all of these things and not sure why your skin isn't clearing up or looking its best? Send us an email and we are happy to connect and help you out! There's no mystery we can't solve!

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