4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Toner

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Toner

One of the things I am most dedicated to here at Island Apothecary is to only offering products you need, and not a vast array of items you don't. 

The IA approach to skincare is to streamline what you put on your face and body. Less is more. It's why when we add new items, we really, really think about if they're filling a void in your medicine cabinet.

Take our toner for example. A lot of men and women don't use one. And some of us have skin that don't need it. But here's why I encourage you to give our Sunup Toner a go.

Tightens Pores
Perhaps my number one reason for using a toner is one you may not be able to see. After you cleanse your skin, using a toner will actually tighten the pores and gaps in your skin so that when it's time to go outside, your skin will actually be less open to taking in environmental toxins and other icky stuff in the air. Smaller pores and less gunk on your skin? Yes, please.

Helps Balance Your Skin's pH Level
If you've just gotten started with oil cleansing, your skin might still be getting used to all the new and glorious vitamins you're adding to your skin. Our toner is meant to help balance all that out. It will help remove residual oils and if you're using a soapy cleanser, it will help balance those alkalines out too. 

It's a Good Lazy Solution
So you know how we love a good lazy beauty hack? Well, here's another. If you don't wear makeup on a daily basis and you have less than five minutes to get ready in the morning, give your face a few spritzes of our Sunup Toner in lieu of a lengthy face cleanse. It'll refresh you skin, perk up your face and yes - it will cleanse your skin too. 

Soothes and Heals
I love witch hazel. It's chock full of amazing properties. It can balance out a rosy complexion, help with acne, help with eczema and help seal in the moisturize you want left on your face. We also add Aloe Vera juice to our toner in order to balance it out so that it works on every skin type.

And with that, give our Sunup Toner a go. I promise you won't be disappointed (and neither will your skin!)

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