The Lazy Girl's Night Time Routine

The Lazy Girl's Night Time Routine

I can be a little lazy in the evenings. It's usually after I've watched some TV and started to doze on the couch, desperate to crawl under my crisp cotton sheets and snuggle up to my husband.

In desperation to treat my skin better in the evening, I developed a regime that works great for me and takes less than 60 seconds to complete. Hopefully my cheat sheet can help you too.

Step 1: Add our Everyday Cleanser to face. 

Step 2: Brush teeth. 

Step 3: Remove cleanser with a warm wash cloth. I do this after I'm done brushing so that the cleanser can really sit on my skin and start to life all those impurities away.

Step 4: Hop into bed! Apply Sundown Eye Serum under my eyes and then fall fast asleep. 

I created our under eye serum in a roller ball bottle on purpose. I keep mine on the nightstand so that I have no excuse at night to take care of the most delicate skin on my face - under my eyes. It's nice to know that with two swipes, I've got Organic Jojoba, Rosehip Seeds, Argan and the power of Neroli lulling me to sleep.

And keeping those darn wrinkles away too.

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