On Bad Ass Biddies

On Bad Ass Biddies

This is one of my favorite photos of all time because I am literally surrounded by all of the most amazing bad ass biddies in my life.

The term "bad ass biddy" might be a one new for you. But here at Island Apothecary, we like to celebrate strong and smart women. We love women with opinions. We love women that support other women. We love to rally around the females in our lives - and in the world - that are making a difference.

So what exactly is a bad ass biddy? Here are some ways to spot one in the wild.

- She loves a healthy debate with friends and is respectful of everyone's opinions while freely sharing her own.

- She spends six hours of her weekend assembling an Ikea desk just so she can say she did it on her own.

- Her go-to karaoke song is probably a Whitney, Mariah or Beyonce song.

- She's no man hater (far from it) but there's nothing she loves more than spending time on a porch with friends. Preferably with wine.

- She thinks vitriolic language about a woman's appearance is just about the most out-of-date nonsense ever.

- She doesn't put other women down. Heck, she doesn't really like to put anyone down. 

- She believes that women should have the final say when it comes to their social rights.

- She knows the gender pay gap is a bunch of malarky.

- She's a Mom.

- She's a daughter.

- She's a sister.

- She's a friend.

- She's your local barista. She's your mail carrier. She's your next door neighbor. 

Bad ass biddies come in every shape or form. If you know a bad ass biddy, make sure you tag her on Instagram with #badassbiddy and mention us. Each month we pick one winner with an awesome bad ass story and mail her our entire line of skincare. 

It's the least we can do. The world needs a whole lot more of us. 

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