Using Our Push Potion During Your Pregnancy

Using Our Push Potion During Your Pregnancy

Ah the pregnant body. What a glorious thing! Since your body is rapidly changing throughout your pregnancy, we've formulated a safe and soothing formula to use during and after your pregnancy so that your skin can recover.

Our oil-based solution soaks right into your skin morning and night. Belly butters (while awesome) can take time to absorb and our oil has all the same benefits as a butter with the ease of not having to wait to get dressed in the morning.

Shea nut oil is the byproduct of pressing the Shea nut seeds to make Shea butter. This oil has a fairly thick consistency and it will change based on heat. The hotter the weather you're in, the thinner it will become, so make sure you store this at room temperature for optimal performance.

Babassu oil is rising in popularity since it has many of the benefits of coconut oil, but without the strong I-just-drank-a-Pina-Colada scent.

There is a lot of different opinions when it comes to what essential oils are safe to use during your pregnancy. We use Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile and Palmarosa - three that are known to be safe through every trimester. If you are ever hesitant about putting anything on or in your body while you are pregnant, always consult your doctor first and foremost. Most concerns surrounding essential oils during pregnancy are about ingesting them, not necessarily about using them as a topical treatment. 

Here are some resources to help you read up about essential oils and pregnancy (since you shouldn't just take our word for it!)

National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy
The Herb Society of America

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