Our Favorite Galentine's Day Flicks

Our Favorite Galentine's Day Flicks

Traditionally, Valentine's Day is for the romantics. But we love Galentine's Day as a great excuse to pamper yourself and your best friends. After all, it's a woman's world, biddies. 

Here are our favorite films that eschew the rom com tradition.

Best Galentine's Day Movies

Suffragette - The true story of how ordinary women in 20th-century Britain became activists and fought for the right to vote. Also Meryl Streep is in it so it's a no-brainer.

Norma Rae - I get chills every time Sally Fields jumps up on the factory table and holds a "Union" sign above her head. 

The Joy Luck Club - A moving film about the lives of Chinese-American friends and the stories of their Mothers. A favorite!

Steel Magnolias - It's impossible not to cry during this movie. When I watched this as a child, I used to dream of suddenly waking up with a southern accent. The performances by Julia Roberts and Dolly Parton are epic.

Miss You Already - I watched this on a whim and was really touched by the strength of the friendship in this film and how deep and unflinching the love among friends can be.

I know I missed a million good ones, so please add to this list below!

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