Meet Some of Our Customers: Just a Few Badass, Maine Women

Meet Some of Our Customers: Just a Few Badass, Maine Women

I'm inspired by the island, sure, and by Maine of course! But it's really the amazing women that buy our products that keep us going. I'd love for you to meet them.
Meet Fiona, Director of Marketing for Island Apothecary
Fave self care routine?
 Firing up my parents' sauna in the dead of winter and sweating it out with my closest friends.
Favorite spot on North Haven? My garden.
If I couldn't work for IA: I would first cry and then be a back up singer for one of my favorite bands.
Morning skincare regime? Everyday Cleanser, two spritzes of Sunup Toner, a dab of rose serum and, if I'm working outside, manuka honey sunscreen that I got in New Zealand (it smells awesome!)
Favorite self care ritual?
Evening skincare routine? I switch between the Everyday Cleanser and a milkier cleanser. I use witch hazel and apply the Rose Serum.
Favorite place in Maine? North Haven
Lobster: overrated or underrated? Underrated!
Your idea of a perfect day? Take my dog Max for a walk on the gold course, have some coffee and treats, go for a long boat ride and anchor in a cove and just sit and watch the world go by.
Islander for how long? 32 years!
Nighttime skincare routine? I use the Everyday Cleanser and use the Sundown Serum by my eye lines but also around the mouth and near other fine lines. Then I apply the Rose Serum.
Hair goals? Nancy.

Islander for how long?
My entire life.
Favorite self-care ritual? I spend every morning doing 15 minutes of seated yoga and stretching. I like to sit on a pillow I call my "tuffet". 
Favorite longtime skincare product? Rose water.

Favorite self care ritual? I love getting facials, but can't bring myself to pay lots of money or have time in my schedule for them, so I occasionally give myself a nice exfoliation and mask, just add a few more steps to make the ritual feel luxurious. Really I just love having great products which makes every day feel luxurious.
Morning skincare routine? Much simpler than my nighttime one. A quick wash, always under eye cream or oil and a tinter moisturizer with SPF.
Your ideal Saturday? Spending a chill morning with my husband, two boys and our dog, then going on a boat picnic to an unpopulated island somewhere with friends or family. Then chilling during nap time before getting ready to spend more time with friends or family at a summer BBQ!
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