4 Tips for Clearing Up "Maskne"

4 Tips for Clearing Up "Maskne"

We live in a world of masks now, there's no way around it. Masks are excellent at keeping you and your loved ones safe by slowing the spread of deadly viruses (looking at you Covid-19...). But they also excel at creating the perfect humid environment for bacteria to grow and get into your pores. If you're noticing more pimples popping up around your mouth, chin and along your jawline, chances are you have "maskne" or mask-related acne. Lucky you! Join the club. 

Thankfully, we've got some tips to help your beautiful skin:

1- Wash your mask regularly with a mild cleanser. 
Who among us hasn't picked an old mask off the floor of our car in a pinch? We've all been there. But washing your mask after each use not only reduces skin irritation, especially after a sweaty day or a workout, but also reduces risk of viral infection. Wash in a mild face cleanser (like cetaphil) rather than a laundry detergent that could disturb your skin. Here is your PSA - clean ya damn mask! 

2- Wear the right mask.
Try to avoid masks where synthetic materials like rayon, nylon and polyester are resting on your face. Instead opt for a double layered mask with an inner natural fabric, like cotton. 

3- Lighten up your foundation.
A little makeup under a mask never hurt anybody! But if you're a fan of thick foundation, you may want to lighten your application to reduce breakouts.

4- Craft a consistent skincare routine 
Before you mask up for the day, wash your face! Use a gentle cleanser to wipe away grime. Listen! Most important take-away here: toner, toner, toner! Spray toner along your jawline and chin. A good toner will tighten your pores, keeping outside bacteria...well, outside. Finally, add a serum for an extra layer of protection against dryness and environmental toxins. 

Looking for the a whole new morning skincare routine?
We recommend our Morning Trio.

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