Inside Our Founder's Medicine Cabinet

Inside Our Founder's Medicine Cabinet

Ever wander into a stranger's bathroom at a party and take just a quick little peek into their medicine cabinet? Now I'm not saying it's okay to do, I'm just saying it happens.

So allow me to indulge you! If you've ever wondered what the founder of a skincare brand actually uses, I'd love to let you peek inside my unedited medicine cabinet. We're all about keeping it real at Island Apothecary, so without further adieu, here's what I have on hand.

Laura's Medicine Cabinet

1. The Top Shelf
Admittedly this is stuff I don't use that often. A bunch of lipsticks (my favorites are from 100% Pure), some extra bottles of shampoos and the like that I can have if I run out. A bottle of biotin and milk thistle. Admittedly stuff I should use more often but just don't.  

2. Test tubs
Since I'm always trying out new recipes, I tend to make up small batches to try for myself or to dole out to friends. 

3. Soap!
I am a bar soap fiend. I love buying them from local farmer's markets but some of my favorites come from local favorites Trillium and Green Granite Soap. Check them out!

4. Deodorant
I am doggedly in pursuit of the perfect organic deodorant that a) works well and b) keeps me stink-free. I've probably tried dozens at this point in time. Currently on rotation is the Rose Lavender from Native as well as all-time favorite from Soapwalla. Waiting for them to make it in a stick!

5. Stuff I Use on the Regular
Eye contact solution (I wear contacts), our oil cleanser (the best ever) and mascara, concealer and bronzer from Pacifica. These are the only things I "put on" each day. 

6. Serums!
I go through our Rose Serum like crazy, but since I've got an apothecary, I usually just pump and refill my own bottle time and time again. I like to keep a few in my own bathroom in case a friend comes over and hasn't tried it yet. It's definitely a perk of being my friend. I love trying serums from other indie brands too. Gotta support the indie beauty movement!


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