How To Take Time For Yourself When You've Got No Time

How To Take Time For Yourself When You've Got No Time

Yesterday I took a shower at 2 p.m. Which really wasn't so strange for me. As a working Mom, I take a few moments of self-care for myself when I can. And sometimes it's at weird times of day.

There's no ritual in place. In fact, I'm envious of the Moms that have them. How wonderful to have that in your life every day. I know I'll get there someday, but that day isn't today.

Instead, I want to share some realistic things you can do for yourself when your schedule simply just won't allow it.

Throw What You Think Is Routine Out The Window
I normally do not shower at 2 p.m. But when my son was fast asleep and I was ahead of my work, I decided I deserved 15 minutes of steam. It's not something that happens every day, but when you see a moment open up, seize it! Don't worry about the dishes in the sink or the cat hair on the rug. Take the shower instead.

Rethink How You Do Things
If you follow us on Instagram you've probably heard me mention that I a) only wash my face once a day and b) do it as soon as I put my son to sleep, normally while my husband is cooking dinner. I used to think this was a practice to be done every morning and night like a good student. But now I have put a practice in place that works for me, not the other way around. Consider doing the same for yourself!

Ask For Help
I unapologetically ask for help when I need it. I value childcare when I have it because it frees me to do work that needs to be done and it also offers my son the ability to socialize and learn from people other than his parents. If I need a few minutes to myself, I ask my husband to take over. If I have a weekend trip with friends coming up, I push the guilt aside and realize that being an independent person will only help shape my son into one too. So ask for help and don't feel bad about it!

What do you do to carve out time for yourself? I'd love to hear! xx

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