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Galentine's Day is My Favorite Holiday and Here's Why

Valentine's Day is great and all but Galentine's Day (February 13th) is where it's at. I have been celebrating this alternative holiday since before I knew the name Leslie Knope.

If you haven't yet heard of Galentine's Day, I am so excited to share it with you! Galentine's Day is space to share gratitude for all your beautifully intimate relationships, separate from your romantic ones. It's a space that acknowledges that we, as humans, thrive when we are supported by our friendships. Our female friendships in particular. Those of us who have deep connections with our girlfriends are aware of the power of these relationships. And now science is on to it as well. These friendships lower blood pressure, boost immunity and create resilience. No wonder us women live longer than men! 

Now more than ever, we are craving the loving embraces and all night gathering with our girlfriends. It's truly what I miss the most. This is the year to let your gal pals know how much you appreciate them. Say thank you for her unwavering support, protection, unsolicited (but necessary) advice, her wild confidence or grounding nature. You fill in the blank! Here are some ideas for how you can show your love on our first pandemic Galentine's Day.

1- Superlative Zoom 
Soak in some quality time by organizing a virtual hang - with a twist! We all remember superlatives from high school, right? Make a quiz on Surveymonkey and vote for superlatives then announce the winners at your zoom hang. Option for lots of wine and awkward award show speeches. Some examples of superlatives: "Most likely to discover a new planet," "Most likely to become a hermit," or "Most likely to go on the Bachelor." Get creative! 

2- Thoughtful Gifts
Send your besties something sweet like a hand-drawn card with a favorite memory or an old photograph and let them know why they are so special to you.

3- Biddy Box 
Send something guaranteed to spoil your bestie. There's nothing more fun than getting a surprise box of goodies at your doorstep! This year's Biddy Box features our customer favorite, Rose Body Oil, an organic women-made massage and bath oil, and includes a free Badass Biddy Sticker and a personalized note. 

Rose Body Oil for Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

So there you have it. Galentine's Day! A day to give to our dearest friends - be it attention, gifts, quality time or words of affirmation. How will you share the love? 

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