Don't Stress Out About Living An Organic Life

Don't Stress Out About Living An Organic Life

There is a lot of pressure to eat the right thing, use the right products and be a perfect human being. Don't let your slip ups get you down.

I care a lot about what I put in and on my body. I'm not always great at it though. Today I had a lot of work to get done so I didn't take the time to make myself a healthy lunch or get around to drinking a gallon of water. 

Instead I ate two cookies, a handful of dill pickle potato chips (don't judge - they are amazing) and leftover pancakes. I'm a little embarrassed.

Rather than harp on these poor choices, I like to look at all the good I did do today. I exercised for 30 minutes. I played with the dog in the yard. I mailed out two bottles of Island Apothecary to customers far from this little island.

Today I'm going to celebrate the positive things I did for myself rather than chide myself for some poor dietary mistakes.  And I'll get to work on a nice kale salad for dinner.

And a glass of wine. Probably going to have the wine too.

I'd like to encourage you to forgive yourself too. If you have a day where you feel like you aren't taking good care of yourself, brush it off. Tomorrow is another day. And so is the next one after that.  The more we allow ourselves to accept our flaws, the harder it will be to have any.

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