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Island Facial Kit

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When you live on an island and you're craving a deep clean and steam, you can't exactly hop in the car and jet to the spa. Instead, we've become resourceful and have perfected our at-home spa treatment that rivals even the fanciest of facials. Our Mini Facial Kit packs a perfect one-two punch. Start your day of relaxation with our Herbal Face Steam. We combine organic chamomile, calendula, peppermint, and coconut milk for an herbal steam that will open your pores and ease your mind.

Our Detox Mask is the ideal next step for removing toxins from your skin. Not only will the clay lift out impurities from your skin, but it has been used for centuries to lift out toxins and poisons that can be trapped under the skin. Our clay is mined from ancient quarries in France. Your face will be dewy, glowing and toxin-free so you can face the day like a new woman. Each kit comes with small wooden scoop. Mask: 1 oz. glass container. Steam: 4"x6" muslin bag of organic, sustainably harvested herbs. This kit will give you at least 4 steams/face treatments, varying depending on how much you use per treatment.

Application: Add one full scoop of our Herbal Steam to a pot of boiling water. Once added, pour into a bowl. Keep your face several inches above the steam with a towel over your head for maximum impact. For the Detox Mask, add one teaspoon of clay to two teaspoons of water. Massage onto face. Remove with warm water right before clay is fully hardened. For full details on how to use this kit, be sure to check out our blog post with a step-by-step tutorial. 

Full Ingredients List: (Herbal Steam) *Dried Calendula Flowers, *Dried Chamomile Flowers, *Dried Peppermint Leaves and *Powdered Coconut Milk. (Detox Mask) Pure French Green Clay.

More About the Benefits of Our Ingredients:

*Calendula Flowers: One of our favorite flowers to stop and smell, the benefits of Calendula are varied and are helpful for acne and inflammation.

*Chamomile Flowers: The scent of Chamomile is known for its beautiful properties but also for its sedative nature. It's a great addition to our steam for its relaxing properties.

*Peppermint Leaves: Named after the Greek Goddess Menthe, this is one of the world's most widely known scents and has an instantly calming affect on anyone that breathes it in.

*Coconut Milk Powder: Packed with Vitamins C, E, B1, B5 - should we keep going? A little of this goes a long way in adding moisture to your skin. 

French Green Clay: The most powerful mineral skin clay in the world, the micro molecules in this quarry-mined clay literally sucks out the toxins from your skin that nothing else can. It also stimulates and tones the skin, so your face will look fresh and dewy after each use. We. Love. This. Stuff.