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Floral Body Scrub

Floral Body Scrub

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We crafted Floral Body Oil to capture the smell of a Maine summer. Now we bring you those same scents in the form of an exfoliating salt scrub. Indulge in the memories of warmer days with the scent of fresh lavender, wild roses and bright geraniums.

Hand-crafted with a mix of fine and coarse sea salt, this detoxifying scrub boosts circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells. Add to your bath for a relaxing soak or take it in the shower and give your winter skin the serious exfoliation it's been craving!

8 oz. pot

Application: First, mix the scrub as the oil tends to collect on the bottom. Take a as much as you need and apply to damp skin, we recommend using in the shower, bath or in the sink. Rub onto skin in a circular motion, rinse, pat dry then moisturize with Floral Body Oil.

Other Applications: apply on lips to scrub away dry skin or add a tablespoon to a hot bath for a relaxing soak. For more ways to use a salt scrub, read our IA Journal.

Full Ingredients List: Sea Salt, Apricot Kernel Oil, *French Lavender Essential Oil, *Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil, *Geranium Essential Oil, *Bergamot Essential Oil

More About The Benefits In Our Ingredients:

Dead Sea Salt - Harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel, this mineral-rich sea salt is the highest quality. Sea salt is simply evaporated seawater, which means it's not processed and contains no additives. 

Apricot Kernel Oil - Derived from (you guessed it) the kernel of an apricot, this base oil has amazing skin tightening abilities and even acts as a mild astringent.

*French Lavender Essential Oil - Steam distilled from a lavender farm in France, our organic essential oil smells like a dream but does double duty with its natural healing properties for the skin.

*Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil - Steam distilled from roses in Bulgaria, this deep, floral aroma is also known to have relaxing and aphrodisiac effects. Wink, wink.

*Geranium Essential Oil - This is a favorite essential oil of ours to use because of its scent, but also because of its benefits. Geranium oil is said to help relieve stress and help balance sebum production in the skin which helps cut down on cellulite and help circulation.

*Bergamot Essential Oil - Tea drinkers might recognize this scent since it’s used in cups of Earl Grey. A harmonious blend of floral and citrus notes, Bergamot helps balance the psyche and can aid in anxiety, nerves and depression.