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First-Class Cabin Kit

First-Class Cabin Kit

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A perfect gift for your favorite jet setter. Or if you just want to make your next flight in coach feel a little more fancy.

Each kit comes with our new Cabin Hydrosol, available in this kit only. Crafted from organic peppermint hydrosol, aloe vera, organic spearmint essential oil and organic niaouli oil.

Our eye mask is lined on one side with organic flannel so you'll rest easy whether you're in the air or riding shotgun. Pouch is made from organic linen cotton with a dark blue interior. This kit will help you feel like you're flying first-class, even if you're in the middle seat on a bus. Simply spray your face, slip into your mask and wake up looking refreshed.

Each pouch and eye mask was sewn by Deb Serino, our IA founder's Mom! Please note that zipper colors vary.

Application: Spritz onto face whenever you need some rejuvenation.

Ingredients list: *Peppermint hydrosol, Aloe vera juice, *Spearmint essential oil, *Niaouli essential oil, *Vitamin E oil

More about the benefits of our ingredients:

*Peppermint Hydrosol: Cooling, refreshing and relaxing - this is our favorite hydrosol ever. This hydrosol has properties that helps relieve stiff muscles, calm the mind, cool the body and it smells oh-so-nice. Ours is organic is sourced right here in the U.S.

Aloe Vera Juice: Aloe Vera is best known for helping with sunburn, but we use it because of its wonderful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. It’s got a great rep for a reason.

*Spearmint Essential Oil: Our spearmint sweetens the menthol scent that peppermint can often take on. It's a great oil to heal whatever ails you, from a headache to the common cold. Smells nice too, of course. 

*Niaouli Essential Oil: Steam distilled from the leaves of this Madagascar sourced plant, this oil is one of the most well-known to be used to ward off illness and is a great auto-immune booster. It has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties (which is why we even spray a bit of this on our hands when we fly!)

*Vitamin E Oil: An incredible antioxidant that helps protect your skin, ours comes from the vegetable fats of non-GMO soy resources in Spain.