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Earth Body Salt Scrub | Mineral-Rich Exfoliant

Earth Body Scrub

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Do you love the scent of our Earth Body Oil? We hear ya. 

Our latest Holiday Batch Salt Scrub boasts the same lovely herbaceous scent as Earth Body Oil with hints of sandalwood, clary sage, german chamomile and marjoram.

Hand-crafted with a mix of fine and coarse sea salt, this detoxifying scrub boosts circulation and exfoliates dead skin cells. Dull winter skin be GONE! 

8 oz. pot

Application: First, mix the scrub as the oil tends to collect on the bottom. Take a as much as you need and apply to damp skin, we recommend using in the shower, bath or in the sink. Rub onto skin in a circular motion, rinse, pat dry then moisturize with Earth Body Oil

Other Applications: apply on lips to exfoliate dead skin or add a tablespoon to your hot bath for a relaxing soak.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sweet Almond Oil, *Sandalwood Essential Oil, *German Chamomile Essential Oil, *Clary Sage, *Lavender Essential Oil, *Marjoram Essential Oil

More About The Benefits of our Ingredients:

Dead Sea Salt - Harvested from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel, this mineral-rich sea salt is the highest quality. Sea salt is simply evaporated seawater, which means it's not processed and contains no additives. 

Sweet Almond Oil - One of our favorite base oils for its can-do attitude. Almond oil moisturizes, heals, protects and has a slightly sweet aroma that we just adore.

*Sandalwood Essential Oil - Steam distilled from wild grown sandalwood in Australia, this essential oil has a sweet yet woodsy aroma.

*German Chamomile Essential Oil - Known to have mildly sedative properties, I love the calming affect this oil adds to the overall formula. It also helps reduce inflammation and calm redness and irritation on the skin.

*Clary Sage Essential Oil - For some this scent is considered an aphrodisiac, but it's also an excellent sweet-herby scent that children use to help appease symptoms of PMS!

*Lavender Essential Oil - Steam distilled from a lavender farm in France, our organic essential oil smells like a dream but does double duty with its natural healing properties for the skin.

*Marjoram Essential Oil - Such a beautiful scent and also good for the soul. Marjoram has the ability to calm the mind and both strengthen and relax as it tones and circulates Qi in Oriental medicine. It is especially helpful in conditions where tiredness alternates with tension.