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Travel Well Toiletry Kit

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Our Travel Well Toiletry Kit is a perfect gift for your favorite jet setter. Or if you just want to make your next flight in coach feel a little more fancy!

Inside this kit you'll find one ounce glass vials of some of your IA favorites along with everything else you need when you're on the road.

Included in this kit:

- Everyday Oil Cleanser
- Lavender Castile Soap for Hair and Body
- Floral Body Oil
- Herbal Bath Bag

We wanted to create a travel kit that was streamlined but still sumptuous! You don't have to leave your beloved body oil and oil cleanser behind the next time you hit the road.

We also created a custom castile soap that can double as your shampoo and body wash when you travel.

And anyone that has ever stepped off a long flight or car ride knows that your weary bones deserve some pampering! You'll also find an Herbal Bath Bag that is filled with all organic ingredients including: orange peel, chamomile flowers, lavender, rosemary, raspberry leaf, rosehips, peppermint, sage, lemongrass, rose buds and petals, bay leaf and cloves! Just toss it in the tub, sit back and relax.

This set comes in a TSA-approved clear case and has enough room to include some of your own favorite products or makeup too.

Safe travels!